Are you considering buying the Clickbank e-book on the "Banana Diet Western Version"?

Or perhaps you've seen this downloadable diet package advertised as the "Banana Diet Elite," or any one of a number of changing names and site URLs.

We bought it. And what we found was a 42-page light rephrasing of the original free Morning Banana Diet at We reproduce one page below to give you a sample of the degree to which the diet is copied from the original source.

At the original diet is available for free. This is the diet developed by the bilingual staff who have actually read the source Japanese books and the Japanese diet forums, and viewed the original television shows. In addition to the diet text, has an active user community of people from the United States and other English speaking countries who are doing the diet and adapting it to Western food and culure. In the forums you you can ask questions and receive support -- all for free.

If you Google for "SchoolFund Solutions," you'll find that this company does a little bit of everything (anything to make a buck), but the "sales letter"-style diet business is not new for them: Check out "Top Secret New Fat Loss Secrets" ( We wonder whether they "borrowed" that diet from somewhere? What we can say is that they know nothing about the banana diet from Japan other than what they were able to glean from

As Gomer would say, shazaam!

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